Farmstead Cheeses Created in Downeast Maine

Say Cheese

Here at Udder View Farm, we use only our own sweet, creamy milk from our Oberhasli Dairy Goats to create our goat cheeses.  Bella, resident Jersey cow, will  be providing her rich cow milk to increase our offerings of cheeses and dairy delights.


We offer soft and creamy chevre flavored or plain; bloomers (as pictured above) and other bloomy rind and ash dusted cheeses.  Goat feta will again be offered in June 2013!

Cow and goat/cow mixed milks will be used to fabricate bloomy rind cheeses we affectionally refer to as "BLOOMERS".

Marinated chevre is always a favorite...hand rolled medallions of chevre marinated in a roasted garlic-infused extra virgin olive oil with herbs and peppercorn. 

Italian Torte with layers of fresh garlic goat cheese, sun dried tomato and pesto filling on a walnut crust is becoming increasingly popular!

Drinkable goat yogurt flavored with our own syrups are light and wonderful on granola or as a refreshing snack.  

Cow yogurt will also be offered in 2014, plain and flavored with a variety of drizzles and syrups.

 We look forward to seeing you at the farmers' markets we participate in...from the quiet side of MDI in Southwest Harbor on Fridays.